Dr. Beach Names America's Best Beach 2013:
Main Beach in East Hampton, New York
Main Beach is located in East Hampton on eastern Long Island, New York. This idyllic beach is frequented by the rich and famous who so highly regard their beach that Leatherman has seen even super models picking up litter washed ashore from the sea. This beach was heavily eroded by Super Storm Sandy and subsequent winter storms, yet it has largely recovered. The proud pavilion at Main Beach was little affected because it was set back several hundred feet from the water’s edge. A great team of lifeguards stands watch, making this a very safe beach for bathing and swimming.  {See The Press Release}
Past Winners (America's Best Beaches)
Introducing Dr. Beach's Water Tracer
Dr. Beach's Water Tracer is a method of detecting surface water currents, especially life-threatening rip currents at surf beaches, has been developed.  The water tracer is bio-degradable and non-toxic.
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Rip Currents & Safety (Watch Video Below)
RIP CURRENTS are powerful currents of water moving away from the shore, capable of sweeping even the strongest swimmers out to sea and are often called "killer currents" for a good reason.  Although estimates vary, rip currents are responsible for approximately 150 deaths every year in the US and likely thousands worldwide.  Through raising awareness and increasing understanding, we seek to dramatically reduce the number of fatalities from this lurking danger.  For more information about rip currents and beach safety, please visit www.ripcurrents.com and www.healthybeaches.org
Dr. Beach's Latest Publication:  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, FIELD GUIDE TO THE WATER'S EDGE.  As summer approaches, many vacationers will be heading to favorite beach, lake or river destinations - and this book is a perfect companion to any water adventure.  This book is designed for those who enjoy the many natural wonders along North America’s ocean beaches, lakeshores, riverbanks, streams, ponds and marshes. The book is written by two veteran scientists and water edge experts, Stephen Leatherman, better known as Dr. Beach, and Jack Williams, longtime weather editor of USA Today. 
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